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Step-by-step guide




Do not attempt to do anything you have not been trained to do by ePSIC staff.

  1. If in STEM mode select ‘Ronchigram’ in TEMCentre. This will remove all detectors.
  2. Close the beam valve.
  3. Remove all apertures.
  4. If you are the last user of the day run down the emission.
  5. If EDX detector has been used endure it is warmed and retracted (standby).
  6. If you want to remove your sample from the microscope:
    1. Neutralise the stage and remove the specimen holder.
    2. Insert the ACD heater into the nitrogen dewar.
    3. Initiate ACD heat in TEMCentre.
  7. If you want to leave your sample in the microscope for experiments the following day, skip step 5 and refill the liquid nitrogen dewar.
  8. If you have been using the data dispenser, on the data dispenser browser window click finalise and wait for the system to check all your data has been copied.
  9. If you have been lone working contact the EHC (8787) to inform them that you are leaving the site.
  10. If this is the final day of your experiment please email your local contact to inform them that you have finished with the microscope.

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