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titleDAWN looks complicated, where can I get help using it?

DAWN has a lot of functionality, and with this can come complexity. As a complete beginner to DAWN, we recommend going through the DAWN Tutorial Sheets (Diamond staff can register for the DAWN training sessions), but there is also useful guidance in the help section and cheat sheets. If you think you have found a bug in DAWN, please use the feedback form (Help/Leave Feedback) to tell us about it. Alternatively contact  


titleWhat angles correspond with what areas on a 2D plot/image


titleCan I use the CCTBX python distribution in DAWN?

Yes. When you configure the python intepreter (Window/Preferences/PyDev/Interpreters/Python Intepreter), select New... and point the the cctbx python executable.

The default python distribution on the Diamond site includes cctbx and the Anaconda python distribution.