Installation Guide- Windows (2018)

  • From download and run - with Administrator rights -  the 32 or 64 bit (depending on your machine processor) Windows Bundle, i.e. either HyperSpy-v1.4-beta-Bundle-Windows-32bit.exe or HyperSpy-v1.4-beta-Bundle-Windows-64bit.exe
  • From the installed package, from the hspy_scripts folder, run (with Admin rights) desktop_integration batch file.
  • Start the Jupyter Notebook (or qtConsole / HyperSpyUI) from the Start Menu > All Programs > HyperSpy WinPython Bundle > Jupyter Notebook
  • This will open the Jupyter home screen in a web browser
  • To create a new blank notebook in the current folder select new > python3
  • Test the install by executing the following code in Jupyter Notebook (copy the code in the box and press the Run button at the top, or press Shift + Enter):

    %matplotlib qt
    import hyperspy.api as hs
    import numpy as np
    import atomap.api as am
    import pyxem as px

    If the installation is correct, you should not get any error messages.