Rachael's ToDo List

This is mostly for @von Delft, Frank (DLSLtd,RAL,LSCI) and @Skyner, Rachael (DLSLtd,RAL,LSCI) , but feel free to peek

Pipeline prosais β†’ api
Pipeline panda in
issue PO for IM (Β£25,000) – Quote from Tim
JupyterHub - IM - define
populate workflows list
BCA abstract
Mock-up lhs
Mock-up rhs
Install pandda2/debug
Look at Tim’s docking workflow
IRIS not having long term funding commitment
Fragalysis project (Diamond) update (projects doc)
Set up github repo for fragalysis (code) docs
Pysquonk – any actions?
5-6 slides/business plan for CCP-SBLD
Fragalysis demo (M2M)
Back-end slides for Friday code review
M2M feature ownership
High-level project overview pages (confluence) – Informatics Matters
High-level project overview pages (confluence) – M2M
High-level project overview pages (confluence) – Whole project
Test the API on current SGC targets
Check the pandda pipeline and debug
Plan python 2 β†’ 3 migration
M2M openshift environments – ask Tim to do
Merge M2M stable into master (front-end)
Check which version of fragalysis is currently deployed into the web stacks
Twitter page for XChem
Make sure Conor comes over to show everyone PANDDA2
fragalysis kick-off for the SGC quarterly report