The XRD2 tool works on 2D diffraction/small angle scattering data, showing the reduced I vs q/tth/d data, and allows a line to be drawn on the reduced data and shows the corresponding ring on the raw data. A box can also be draw on the raw image data, allowing the integrated data from the box and full image to be overlaid.


From a plot of a raw 2D image

  • From the tools menu, select Science/XRD2
  • The tool contains three sections, an Options section, a plot and a panel for entering information (calibration/mask files etc)
  • The first step is to load a calibration, the can be done by drag-dropping a file into the value column next to Calibration File, or clicking in the cell and using the buttons to open a file navigator
  • Once a calibration file is selected, the reduced data will be shown in the plot
  • The information panel can be hidden by clicking Show Panel, leaving just the plot of reduced data
  • Clicking Show Line draws a line on the reduced data and a corresponding ring on the image
  • The line can be dragged. Dragging the line will change the location of the ring
  • Clicking Show Line again removes the line and the ring
  • Clicking Show Region draws a box on the raw image, and displays the integrated data from the box overlaid with the integrated data from the full image
  • Clicking Show Region again removes the region and its integrated data