Log on to analysis PC

If you need to access the analysis PC from off-site please contact a member of ePSIC staff who book you in for access on a specific date and give your Diamond user account (FED ID) remote access permissions for a limited time. If you do not contact an ePSIC staff member you will not be able to log onto the analsis PC.


  1. Log into the diamond via No Machine, details can be found here.

  2. When you get to stage 3 “connect to your session” do not “create a new virtual desktop” as directed. Instead click “create a new custom session”

  3. Select “run the console”

  4. When the console appears type:

xfreerdp -d clrc -u FedIDhere -g 1280x1024 diamrd4940

replacing FedIDhere with your FEDID. Then type your password when prompted

5. Your data can be found at \\e01-storage\e01\data\ or \\e02-storage\e02\data. You should have read access to the raw data and write access to the processing folder.