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Welcome to the ePSIC wiki. Here you will find useful guides covering every stage of your visit to ePSIC from proposal writing to microscope operation and data analysis.

The electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC) is a collaborative project between Diamond Light Source, Johnson Matthey and the University of Oxford. We aim to provide access to state of the art aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy to users from a wide range of scientific backgrounds.

ePSIC comprises two beamlines, E01 and E02.

E01 houses an ARM200CF electron microscope which is aligned at two primary beam energies, 200keV and 80keV. E01 is probe aberration corrected and achieves sub-Ångström resolution imaging in scanning mode (STEM). It is equipped with two EDX detectors (total collection solid angle ~1.5 strad) and a Gatan Quantum GIF for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS). 

E02 houses an ARM300CF electron microscope which is aligned at 300keV, 200keV, 160keV, 80keV, 60keV and 30keV.   E02 is both probe and image aberration corrected and achieves sub-Ångström resolution in both scanning (STEM) and transmission (TEM) mode. E02 has a fast Gatan OneView camera and a Quantum Detectors Merlin/Medipix direct electron detector.

We have in-situ holders for both microscopes allowing control of sample temperature from 100K-1500K and for in-situ biasing of electronic devices. We also have a vacuum transfer holder to enable the movement of air sensitive samples between glove box and microscope under anaerobic conditions.

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