Starting and aligning the Ion beam

  • If the FIB has not been flashed for some time it will require flashing (a notification will pop up when trying to start the FIB. Flash the FIB by clicking Flashing (automated procedure).
  • Start the FIB emission.
  • Start the SEM if this hasn’t already been done (open the valves) and begin the Fine Z auto correction procedure. Start at 100 X magnification and the software will increase magnification to 3000 X during the procedure.
  • Run the IP adjust to set the correct beam current at one current.
  • Run the Align Beams procedure to ensure that all ion beam currents are well aligned. This should be done both with and without the GIS inserted.
  • Run the Coincidence procedure to set the sample height and beam shifts so they are coincident in SEM and FIB images.
  • You are now ready to begin FIB milling.