E02 troubleshooting

Here are some common problems you may encounter and simple fixes for these problems. If the issue is not listed here please get in touch with your local contact.

Gatan Digital Micrograph freezes

DM is somewhat unstable, particularly if you try to perform any action while the OneView camera is running. It is strongly recommended to stop the OneView camera if it is not in use.

To restart DM after a freeze:

  • Right click on task bar at the bottom of the screen and select task manager.
  • Select processes tab, find the digital micrograph process, right click and select end process.
  • Wait until all the memory reserved for digital micrograph is cleared.
  • Restart digital micrograph (you will see two errors on restart, these are due to plugins failing to start due to the absence of licensing dongles).

Remote desktop shuts down

Microsoft remote desktop is somewhat unstable. If any of the remote desktops shut down simply restart them.