Beginning your session

If you are lone working please inform the experimental hall co-ordinators at the beginning and end of your session on 8787.

The ERA form must be signed and displayed on the noticeboard outside the control room before beginning your experiment.

  1. Log into the control room computers using your fedID and password (these are the same details you use to log into the UAS- Here you have to include the domain in username: clrc\yourfedID). 

  2. Set up the data-dispenser if required.  

  3. Open the required remote desktops - passwords can be found in the blue folder.

  4. Open the required software if not already open.
  5. Set up auto-saving in Gatan Digital Micrograph (a folder will have been created for you on the local RAID drive at x:\SessionData\data\YYYY\emXXXXX)